7 Best Books for 4 Year Old Boys

Dear parents, your 4 year old preschooler will love these popular books. Here, I gathered the entire collection of the best books for 4 year old boy. My collection consists of favorite kids books and children stories oriented in development of leadership, outgoingness, persistence and other very valuable personal traits of your boy.

#1 Where The Wild Things Are

This is one of my favorite kids books about a naughty boy called Max who has a forest grow in his bedroom and visits the wild creatures there and becomes their king but finds out that home is where he is really loved and goes back to the security of home feeling sorry for being naughty.

In the book it is sometimes hard to know where the line is between imagination and reality and the pictures and text neatly blend the two worlds together. The book is simple to read but complex in its story and loved by most toddlers.

#2 How I Become a Pirate








#3 Creepy Carrots








#4 Personal Space Camp








#5 Bully B.E.A.N.S.








#6 My Mouth Is a Volcano








#7 Horton Hears a Who