List of Top 6 Rated Books for 12 Year Old Boys

As little boys are growing up, it is important to make them engrossed in reading books. Since they have different interests compared to girls, the type of books that should be given to them must be full of animation, adventure and interesting plot. Usually, books for 12 year old boy will help develop creativity and personality as he grows up.

#1 Chasing the Prophecy

Reading this book is like playing a video game because it is full of action and adventure. The story revolves around two characters—Jason and Rachel who were not born in a place called Lyrian.

The place basically became their home after facing countless battles and adventures. They have never imagined that the place they’ve never known before could be the source of all triumphs and losses, friendships and fantastical experiences.

The book was written by a bestselling author named Brandon Mull. Mull is writing for several well known publishing companies like New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and others. This is one of the books for 12 year old boys that they will surely love due to fully packed heroic adventures.

#2 Marvel Encyclopedia

If one is looking for best books for 12 year old boys, this book will never disappoint. In fact, Marvel characters are well loved by young boys. This material is for the fans of the well known comic book maker. The readers will be treated with updated graphic images with spine-tingling text. This is an encyclopedia that contains all time favorite Marvel characters, may it be heroes or villains.

The ranks of these amazing characters are headlined by Wolverine, Spiderman and Hulk; other characters are also expected to be featured. This book is illustrated by DK Publishing for the enjoyment of 12 year old boys who are so engrossed with these characters.

#3 Wings of Fire

Kids would surely love sea adventure that this book will deliver. The book will tell the readers about the heir of SeaWing that was long time lost and is now back to lead the kingdom.

The character’s name is Tsunami who was stolen as an egg in the royal hatchery long time ago. Now, she is ready to reunite with her mother named Queen Coral and have a glimpse with her future kingdom.

Her comeback will never be easy because there is an assassin who has been killing the heirs of the throne. Tsunami will face all the challenges before she could claim her right place. This epic story was written by Tui T. Sutherland who is also an author of other good books for 12 year old boy like trilogies and series.

#4 Warriors: Power of Three

One of the best books for teen boys will not be complete without channeling the animal wonders like cats. This series will bring young boys to a journey they have never experienced before.

The storyline is very addicting because it tells a story about dreams of Jaypaw and Lionpaw. The dream trip will make the readers wonder who will be the third cat based on the prophecy that will possess the star’s power on its paw.

The best way to understand this book is to start with the first series; every story unfolds as one finishes with the succeeding volumes. The book was written by Erin Hunter who uniquely synchronized different substories about life, death, honesty and betrayal.

#5 The Walking Dead

A collection of books for teen boys will be incomplete without this amazingly written series. In fact, this book has been made into a TV series due to its impact to the readers; it has gained millions of followers from all over the world.

The story is about the apocalyptic disaster triggered by a virus that resulted to the rise of the dead. The remaining people here on Earth struggled for survival.  The story is full of interwoven plots about human nature and survival.

This series was written by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. Kirkman is a well celebrated author and is a New York Times bestseller that focuses in cultural zeitgeist in his writing. This series will be a good read especially for boys who love action filled adventures and zombies.

#6 The Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book

This book has a twist because the reader will become the author, main character and the illustrator of the book itself. In order to create a masterpiece that everyone will enjoy, the book provides pages with interactive space wherein one could write his or her story.

The purpose of this book is to serve as a diary that one could go back to after many years pass by. This could also be worth a fortune someday when the individual who wrote it will become a successful personality.

Good books for teens do not end with something to read about, there are also some books that require the owners to write. Along with this are the brand new 60 extra pages plus 32 pages of multi-color comics.

Books for 12 year old boy will come in different forms and plots but as long as they are full of adventure and action, these books will keep the kid reading. A kid that reads will grow up as a well versed individual when it comes to literature but also with creative ideas.