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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Moe Moe the Leader by Eric Russell is a delightful story about a small monkey who ends up being the new “King of the Jungle”. Russell has once again used cute little animal characters to set up an excellent moral to the story.

    Set in the African Savannah, the plot and compelling characters of Moe Moe the Leader are greatly embellished by the colorful, attractive and vivid drawings on each page of this attractive fourteen-page children’s book. The story events follow abdication of Rory the lion from his position of “The King of the Beasts”.

    Rory is actually the king of the jungle, but he never finds himself fit for the job. He is just too lazy and indecisive to deal with the problems faced by the other animals in the jungle. Fed up with the fighting of the rhino brothers and Eddie the cheetah’s terrorizing the ostriches, Rory resigns.

    Thunderstruck, the animals are temporarily shocked into good behavior. When fighting and teasing once more escalate, Moe Moe takes action. He wisely enlists the help of other animals to put fear of banishment into the bullies. Lauded for his quick thinking and collegial leadership style, Moe Moe is declared the new leader of the jungle.

    Moe Moe the Leader is an excellent read-aloud story for parents of preschoolers to use as a discussion of how to deal with bullying or bad behavior. It would also make a great discussion starter for a talk on good leadership qualities and how to get along with others.

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