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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Ringo the Raccoon is a newcomer to the forest. He wants to make friends and be as respected as he was in his previous forest he lived. To impress the other animals, Ringo starts boasting a lot, saying he can do things that he can’t do. Because of his boasting, Ringo makes a beaver very mad and loses five baby bunny rabbits.

    Eventually, the other animals convince Ringo that he needs to stop saying he can do things that he cannot do. So Ringo decides to start “walking the talk” and being honest about what he can and cannot do. Once he stops boasting, Ringo becomes well respected and trusted all through the forest. Ringo gets all the friends he wants, once he learns to be patient and honest with everyone.

    Eric Russell’s book, “Walk the Talk Ringo,” teaches children that bragging is a bad thing, especially if you are bragging that you can do something you cannot do. Through the adventures of Ringo with Barry the Beaver and Mrs. Bunberry, the rabbit, children will learn that bad things can happen when you make people believe you can do things that you can’t really do.

    Through simple writing and examples, children will learn important life lessons they can carry with them far into adulthood. This story teaches the importance of honesty, knowing your own limits, and most importantly, focusing on what you can do instead of what you think others want you to do for them.

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