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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Sassy’s Promise by Eric Russell is a whimsical tale about a little fun-loving kitten named Sassy who possesses all the qualities and foibles of kittens. Russell tends to use adorable animals in his stories to teach young children some life-worthy lessons. In this story, he has taken a similar approach.

    Like the grasshopper, Sassy sails through her days chasing butterflies, hanging out with the duckling down by the pond and taking frequent cat naps. When her friend, Barry the Basset Hound, approaches her to ask for some help with his new active family Sassy promises to come over.

    However, play, naps, and milking time distract her from keeping her promise. She even hides when Barry comes searching for her. That night Sassy dreams that Barry, his wife Ginny and their huge litter are all standing around her looking at her sadly. This makes her feel very uncomfortable and guilty about not keeping her promise.

    The next day Sassy visits Ginny and Barry and apologizes for being irresponsible and breaking her promise. Barry and Ginny are delighted, but at the same time Sassy discovers that babysitting the new pups is a lot of fun since they love to play just like Sassy!

    Sassy’s Promise is a vividly illustrated children’s book that teaches them the importance of taking responsibility and keeping promises. It would make a great addition to primary grade reading bookshelves where it could be used to stimulate a classroom discussion about the meaning of promises and the importance of keeping them.

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