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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Oliver’s Confidence by Eric Russell is a cute story about a little mouse called Oliver who happens to be very tiny as compared to other mice, but is able to outbeat anyone when racing in the fields. In his stories, Russell uses the animal characters much as Aesop does to teach children a life lesson.

    In Oliver’s Confidence, he uses Oliver, the tiniest mouse in the Pippin household, as the main character of the story. Exciting illustrations serve to emphasize plot events, theme, setting, and characters. When Oliver’s sisters teased him about his small stature, their mother reminded them that everyone had something they excelled at and that it was not nice to tease others for being different.

    Although Oliver was never really bothered about him being different, when he started school, he worried about what the other kids would think of him. His mom reminded him that it was okay to be different. “The world would be a boring place if we were all the same,” she told him.

    On the way to school Oliver befriends a large cow named Mary Beth who is worried she will be teased because she is more spotted than the other cows. Oliver assures her that her spots are beautiful and that all the other classmates will think so too. During carpet time, Oliver shares confidently that he is a very fast runner in spite of his size.

    Oliver’s Confidence teaches early readers and preschoolers that even if you are different from others, never be intimidated. Always staying self-confident will help you lead the way. Everyone is different in some way or the other, but each one of us has a special quality or skill that others may not possess.

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