• Apricot’s Responsibility children’s e-book (including Audio & Video book)

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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Apricot’s Responsibility is one of Eric Russell’s illuminating stories that teach young readers valuable lessons of life using cute animals and bright vivid illustrations that liven up their imagination. Ivy who dreams of being a herd dog and Apricot who desperately wants to become a show horse.

    Both must learn to be patient and wait for the right time to realize their respective dreams. Eventually practice will make them perfect. However, the main theme of this enchanting kids’ story is the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and admitting when one messes up.

    Apricot wants to be like other show horses and is impatient to show off what she can do. So, she convinces Ivy let her out of her stall after dark so the two can practice running the show course. They make mistakes and the noise wakes the farm family. Apricot is confined to her stall for the day while Ivy receives herd training.

    When Apricot presses the issue, she is told her mistake was not so much running the course when she wasn’t supposed to be out of her stall, but rather blaming Ivy for letting her out and getting her into trouble. The moral of the story is: Don’t blame others for your mistakes. Own up and take responsibility for your actions.

    Apricot’s Responsibility would make a great gift for children’s personal bookshelves. It will also serve as an excellent read-aloud story for parents of young children to teach them as to why they need to take responsibility to own up to your mistakes instead of levying it on others’ shoulders.

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