• Andy’s First Step children’s e-book (including Audio & Video book)

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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Andy the Antelope and Chip the Chipmunk are tired of living in their lean-to, watching Gabby the Gazelle in her comfortable house with fans and cold water to drink. They keep saying they need to do something to get a house of their own, but they never take the first step towards their dream.

    Finally, Andy and Chip realize they must act on what they want, and they put together a plan to make money so they can have a nice house built. Once they have their plan outlined, they start working to act on their plan. Their plan works, and they learn the value of taking action to achieve their goals. In a short time, they are able to have their nice house built.

    Children who read Eric Russell’s “Andy’s First Step” story will learn important truths about life within the pages of this lovely book. They will learn that talking about wanting something is not enough, that it is crucial to actually initiate actions to achieve that goal; just talking about something is never enough to make it actually happen.

    Just as Andy and Chip achieve their goals by planning and then working their plan, children will learn how they can make their own plan and then start acting upon it to finish those plans and achieve their goals.

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