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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Using animals to teach children about important life lessons, Eric Russell’s series of books is perfect for reading at home or in the classroom. An excellent addition to this series, Keep Trying Betty shows children how to overcome their fear of failure by learning from their mistakes.

    This skill is essential for all children to learn, and this book does it in an easy-to-understand, approachable way. With a lovable main character in Betty the goldfinch, Keep Trying Betty is a storybook that can open up communication with children about their own fears of failure and how they can learn from the mistakes they make in their own lives.

    Most importantly, it teaches endurance and persistence, which will benefit them long into the future. In this story, Betty is ready to leave her parents’ nest, but she is overwhelmed with how to build a nest as good as her parents. Excitedly, she makes her first attempt, only to discover that the nest is not very strong.

    She is afraid of failing a second time, so she flies home to seek comfort and advice from her mother. Betty’s mother lovingly encourages her to learn from her mistakes and try again. Betty’s second nest, although better than the first, has its own problems, and the failure of the second nest again brings help from Betty’s mother. She helps Betty to see all the things she did well and how to make her third nest the best one yet.

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