• Lion Who Has Never Given Up children’s e-book (including Audio & Video book)

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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    The Lion Who Has Never Given Up is a delightful story by Eric Russell about a lion cub who is frustrated by his inability to create a loud, ferocious roar. Russell loves to educate children through his stories using cute and delightful animal characters, and this can be clearly seen here.

    Set in the African Savannah, the plot and compelling characters of the Lion Who Has Never Given Up are greatly embellished by the colorful drawings on each page of this attractive twenty-page picture book. The story events follow lion cub Leo through attempts to scare other creatures including a frog, a lizard and adult lions.

    Devastated by his failure and ashamed of his tiny voice, Leo returns to his mother asking, “Why?” In her wisdom his mother points out that he is “The King of the Beasts” and that he will indeed become fearsome if he just has faith and doesn’t give up.

    The delightful animal characters in the Lion Who Has Never Given Up teaches young readers that, if you practice a skill diligently, you will eventually achieve success. the Lion Who Has Never Given Up would make a great gift for any preschooler’s read-aloud bedtime stories library. It is also an excellent story for second or third graders to read to themselves.

    As part of a primary classroom library the Lion Who Has Never Given Up would make a great discussion starter for a talk on perseverance and working hard to achieve one’s dreams. For both elementary and secondary classrooms the illustrations in the Lion Who Has Never Given Up would make an excellent model for picture making or picture book construction.

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