List of Top 6 Rated Books for 12 Year Old Girls

There are so many books available for everyone to read but sometimes e-book stores are mixing materials for both boys and girls. Books for 12 year old girls should be separated because these types of materials are playing important role in gender progression may it be emotionally or physiologically.

#1 What’s Happening to My Body

This book is especially written for young girls because it talks about changes on a girl’s body as she is growing up.

Unlike other books that are sugar coated, this one gives straight treatment regarding issues faced by young girls about physiological growth.

Specifically, breast enlargement, menstruation, growing hair, attraction to opposite sex and many more.

It is one of the best books for 12 year olds girls because it also touches some sensitive topics like STD, bulimia, anorexia, AIDS and controlling birth rate.

It is written by three puberty educated authors— Lynda Madaras, Area Madaras and Simon Sullivan.

#2 The Ramona Collection

This book is a collection written by Beverly Cleary and one of the most favorite children’s books based on the reviews and feedbacks from parent; the author is a multi-awarded persona due to her well distinguished contribution to literature for children.

Aside from wonderful illustration, the most attractive part of this series is the character of Ramona. The story follows the life of Ramona from being a drop-out in kindergarten to being a grown up entering third grade.

Among the choices of good books for 12 year olds girls, this collection will be a standout due to the lovable character of Ramona. It is not just a story of a little girl’s escapade; it also tells the reader about the influence of family members to the values of kids while on the process of growing up.

#3 American Medical Association Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Teen

For more answers to the questions of most girls who are undergoing puberty, this book fits very well in the category.

It provides answers and advice related to health issues that are commonly encountered. This book contains lots of advice to prepare a girl for upcoming changes that will be brought about by the puberty stage.

Kate Gruenwald wrote this book in order for the girls to learn about things related to puberty, relationship of nutrition towards the body, reproductive system and emotional aspects. If one is looking for best books for 12 year olds girls, this could be a perfect choice due to its educational importance.

#4 The Care and Keeping of You

This is another bestselling book that will guide girls through the development stage. It has a good content with stunning illustrations about some tips on how-tos based on facts written by experts.

This book also answers all of the questions that most of young girls have in mind as part of growing up.

The book was written by Valorie Schaefer in order to help young girls in getting to know factors that may affect them during the puberty age such as having pimples down to monthly periods.

This is considered by parents as one of good books for 12 year old girls.

#5 Ivy and Bean

This book tells about the adventure of second grader kids named Bean and Ivy. This is basically a series that could be compared to Ramona. The purpose of this book is to assist the reading skills of lower elementary kids especially girls to read on their own.

The characters in this series are very relatable because of its realistic setting and story. This book will also help improve the relationship of the kids towards their parents, teachers, neighbors and other individuals.

This is one of the best books for 12 year old girls that were written by Annie Barrows which gives the reader a peek about the life of second graders. It highlights the drama and tension of little kids towards dealing with family and friends.

#6 Changing Bodies, Changing Lives

There might be tons of teenage girl books out there but this one is a bit different because it does not set any discouraging treatment about “sex”.

The book will guide teenage girls by showing important points of having sex and why not to commit such acts. It does not deliberate say “no to sex” statement; it only presents the pros and cons.

This could be very useful because it tackles birth control methods plus some tips on dealing with emotional surges normally felt by teenagers.

The book was written by Ruth Bell who is also an author of several materials regarding adolescence.

Reading books for girls is very important not only for learning but it also shares real life experiences regarding the situation. The characters are written as realistic as possible in order for the readers to relate and apply it in the real life situation.