• The Elephant Painter children’s e-book (including Audio & Video book)

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    Written by Eric Russell

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    It’s so important for us to encourage children to follow their dreams, but often they can feel like outcasts because their dreams are not like everyone else’s. They might feel weird for what they want to do, and they might even face ridicule from their peers for wanting to do something different.

    Helping children to find their calling, and encouraging them despite all odds, gives them confidence as they mature. In Eric Russell’s “The Elephant Painter,” an adorable elephant named Ella longs to draw and create beautiful pictures, but she is constantly discouraged by her parents and friends.

    They all want her to be just like them, wagging their ears and spraying water from their trunks like elephants are expected to do. Ella feels extremely outcast, and even though she tries to do what everyone else does, she feels miserable and alone. One day, an artist draws a picture of Ella, and she draws a smiley face in the dirt for him. The artist brings her a giant easel and colorful chalks.

    Her family and friends make fun of her for wanting to be an artist, but she draws anyway. When she finishes her picture, a drawing of the artist who first drew her, everyone is impressed and cheers for Ella. She learned that the most important thing is to follow your dreams regardless what others think or say. This endearing story encourages children to follow their dreams and to overcome discouragement by finding their purpose.

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