Successful entrepreneur and passionate children’s books author, Eric Russell shares his personal success experience with children via his educational and fun short stories that contain crucial for success lessons. He wasn’t always successful though; from a not easy childhood to struggling both personally and professionally, Eric was challenged to master a new set of skills. This set of traits has enabled Eric to become the success he is today, inspiring a series of children’s books designed to both entertain and educate kids on the mastery of traits that inevitably lead to success.

Brief Story

Eric was raised in a middle class household by his single mother. He was determined to not let his life circumstances dictate his future. Instead, he set out to become the success he always knew he could be. Along the way, he faced numerous obstacles that tested his dedication and willpower. Despite multiple failures, he never gave up. His perseverance and bravery changed his life for the better as he continued following his passion.

Eric continued working on himself by developing his skills and sure enough his hard work started paying off. After years of personal development and growth, Eric began to identify key attributes that all successful people held until he finally became one himself. After years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, he had come to refine his mastery of some crucial personal traits. He sincerely believes that no matter what your circumstances are, you can become successful by mastering certain set of key traits.

However, on the other hand he figured out that the earlier one learns these traits, the more likely he or she will become successful. Therefore, Eric decided to start sharing his experience with young children via series of entertaining books that delight and educate them on how to master those crucial for success personal traits. With being so grateful for what he has learned, Eric would now like to share all his knowledge and help children give themselves the best opportunities possible.

With his vast experiences rising above his given life circumstances to become the high-achieving author and successful entrepreneur, Eric uncovered the secrets to success. These secrets can be summarized by two key components – the mastery of handful of traits and the introduction of those traits at an early age. From a bleak childhood to a bright future, Eric Russell has proven that success is achievable by anyone who is willing to learn a simple set of traits.