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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Procrastinator Tom is one of Eric Russell’s educational stories about a fun-loving squirrel named Tiny Tom who has mastered the art of procrastination. The interaction between Tiny Tom and Abby the Blue Jay is a variation of the fable of The Aunt and the Grasshopper. Tiny Tom exhibits all the characteristics of a chronic procrastinator.

    While all other squirrels and birds are collecting grass and acorns everyday for winter to keep themselves warm and covered up for food, Tiny Tom is busy playing around. He thinks he still has plenty of time to do all those ‘boring’ tasks later, and finds it more important to have fun and enjoy this time.

    When winter finally arrives, Abby and other the hard-working jays and squirrels find plenty of time to play with themselves while Tiny Tom is left with no other option than to go hunting for acorns and dead grass buried under a thick blanket of snow. The story events follow Tom’s “fiddling while Rome burned” attitude.

    Plot events are embellished by excellent, creative illustrations which make characters and setting come alive. Procrastinator Tom is an excellent read-aloud story for parents of preschoolers to use as a discussion of why procrastination is bad and how to deal with procrastination.

    Contrast between Abby and Tom could be gleaned from this nineteen-page picture book and the data used to create a chart comparing the two characters. Procrastinator Tom is a valuable source of information about cause and effect. Russell approach is to teach children through his books to avoid the negative outcomes of bad habits, like procrastination, in this case.

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