List of Top 5 Rated Books for 11 Year Old Girls

It is important to put investment into something that is intangible but you know as a parent could be very beneficial until the end. Books for 11 year old girls could be one of the best gifts that you could give to your kids. Reading is not just a form of pleasure and entertainment because it is also one of the main reasons why kids grow up as intelligent individuals. Here are the best books that could provide enjoyment and learning for your little girls:

#1 Wayside School Boxed Set

This book boxed set is consisting of three books from the author Louis Sachar. The first book entitled Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger, it tells about the opening of the school after 242 days, having substitute teachers and old teachers that are acting a bit strange.

The second book which is Wayside School Is Falling Down tells about all of the funny and silly things that happen to the students at Wayside. The third book entitled Sideway Stories From Wayside School, tells about the daily adventures of the students and teachers at school.

This box set is among the famous books for 11 year olds girls. It is not only funny but exciting and inspiring as well.

#2 The Complete Ramona Collection

The Complete Ramona Collection is composed of eight wonderful books. These books tell about the story and adventures of the lovely and adventurous girl named Ramona Quimby like her daily activities and how she deals with each problem that comes her way.

Each book reflects how Ramona views the world differently compared to other girls her age. The stories are heartwarming and will definitely leave a smile on the kid’s faces after reading.

This collection is among the good books for 11 year old girls. Girls will definitely adapt Ramona’s lively and carefree spirit as soon as they finished reading the books.

#3 First Human Body Encyclopedia

The first Human Body Encyclopedia is a book written by DK Publishing. It features the human body and how it fit and works all together.

This is one of the best books for 11 year old girls that is full of fascinating facts as well as amazing photographs that makes reading not only fun but interesting as well.

It covers every part of the human body from the skin to the cells. The language is easy to understand for children. Also, this is an efficient teaching aid for the parents and teachers.

#4 The Sasquatch Escape

This is one of the best books for 11 year olds and up, as the story can really open up the imaginative minds of the children today. Many kids are hooked with tablets and computer games, but this story of Ben, Pearl and all the imaginary creatures in the hospital can encourage young kids to imagine.

Knowing that Dr. Woos Worm Hospital is not a hospital for worms, the adventures of Ben and Pearl in capturing the runaway capture in Buttonville must not be missed.

It is quite a wild and exciting journey for two, but what Ben believed to be a boring summer becomes an unforgettable summer of his lifetime.

#5 Middle School: My Brother Is a Big, Fat Liar

It is not that quite hard to find teenage girl books these days, either a classroom tool or a gift for sisters and nieces. Here is the third installment to James Patterson’s best selling series Middle School.

This time, Georgia’s point of view is heard on how she is not fond of her older brother Rafe. The bet between the two that she will become one of the popular girls in middle school just gave Rafe the idea to ruin her reputation before she could even get there.

To make it worse, Rafe’s band signed up for school dance giving him the chance to humiliate her even more. Now how can the gorgeous Georgia win over her bet with Rafe? You will have to read one of the interesting books for girls today. Probably, girls who are new to middle school might find a way on how to speak their mind.

Books for 11 year old girls are indeed a good form of investment. After use, these books could be stored into the bookshelf and could be used by the younger ones among the siblings. Books may not be as attractive as it is but the learning is endless once you charmed your kids to keep on reading.