List of Top 5 Rated Books for 11 Year Old Boys

Based on the recommendation of experts, 11 years old boys should be reading at least 50 books in a year for appropriate development. There are so many books for 11 year old boys out there. Reading is a good skill that should be developed by kids as early as possible. It is important to start young so that it will become continuous. Here are some books that are highly recommended for 11 year old boys:

#1 The Mark of Athena

This is the book 3 of the series that will surely provide young boys with lots of fun and adventure. In this book, Percy, Hazel and Frank will journey to the land wherein it’s beyond the reach of the Gods.

This dangerous quest will make the boys up on their feet every time they will turn the page. Also, this book will also reunite the three heroes with Jason, Piper and Leo. Adding to the difficulty of the quest, Gaea or Earth mother has released giants which our heroes need to defeat.

This is one of the good books for 11 year old boys that will bring reading and excitement into the next level. Follow the heroes on their quest as they find doors of death while fulfilling the prophecy.

#2 The Son of Neptune

In this book, many things has occurred not only to Percy but to other important characters—Hazel and Frank. Percy has awakened after a long sleep but he has a major trouble—he could not remember who he was.

The wolf named Lupa told him that he was a demigod but he still could not remember. He was trained by Lupa how to fight. Percy managed to go back to the camp of half bloods but he still doesn’t remember anything.

Frank and Hazel have their own personal troubles too that they needed to deal with. This adventure filled material could be one of the best books for 11 year old boys that parents should put into the bookshelf.

#3 The Serpent’s Shadow

Adventure books for 11 year olds collection will not be complete without this series on the shelf. The story revolves around two heroes named Carter and Kane. These two heroes are struggling to fight a monster named Apophis.

Kane’s only hope of defeating Aphophis is with the help of an ancient spell that will turn the serpent’s shadow against itself. To get the answers to their questions, they need to journey and rely on the guidance of a murderous and powerful magician.

The quest is a huge risk because they might either live or die. It’s up to them how they could survive the quest.

#4 The Red Pyramid

Teenage girls are usually thrilled with books with good storyline; this book might be one of those books that will entertain little girls. The Red Pyramid could be added to the long list of teenage girl books that will leave impact on the girl’s childhood.

The story of this book is heavily relatable because it talks about the Kane family. Carter and Sadie has unlocked the long time secret of their family—secret order that has existed since the time of Pharaohs.

This amazing book tells how the Kane family struggles against the evil Egyptian God named Set. This book will walk you through the journey of Carter and Sadie as they find ways on how to defeat Set and save their family.

#5 Paperboy

Books for boys will not be complete without this wonderfully written piece. This is the story of an 11 year old boy who suffers from stuttering. The boy could not say a word without stuttering; he could not even pronounce his name right.

The story was further enriched after he took over a friend’s paper route work for a month. This job poses great challenge for him because he needs to communicate with different people.

He dealt with different people until one day when he encountered a bully and thief who put his life in trouble. This is an unforgettable book. Young boys will surely love it.

Valuable books for 11 year old boys could be purchased online. They could also be accessed by visiting the nearest local bookstores. To further strengthen the child’s reading faculty, supply them with best books that are valuable. With the right materials being given to them, they will grow up as smart and personally matured individuals.