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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Apple and the Zoo Party is an enlightening picture book by Eric Russell about a gorilla named Apple who wants to be in charge of planning the annual Oakwood zoo party. As always, Russell has used adorable animals to bring this story to life and to teach children a lesson that they can easily remember.

    The interaction between Trunks and Apple is a variation of the fable of The Boy, the Man, and the Donkey. In trying to please everyone, we end up pleasing no one. In her attempt to please everyone, Apple changes her mind several times while organizing the so-called ‘perfect’ arrangements for the party.

    When the party day arrives, nothing seems to go according to the plan. In fact, everyone gets confused and the result is nothing but chaos and discontent. Trunks , who was wise and kind elephant, was the perfect leader of the zoo. He takes over and tries to turn the chaotic party into a delightful one.

    Trunks teaches Apple a valuable lesson about the importance of making an informed decision and then sticking to it until the end. Colorful and vivid pictures and illustrations on each and every page of this children’s book support the plot events and assist young listeners and early years readers and help them visualize the characters and setting.

    Apple and the Zoo Party is a great kids story that teaches them why they need to make a good informed decision and then stick to it. Just as Apple learns valuable life-worthy lessons from Trunks, so too can the early years reader.

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