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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Learning to save a portion of their money is often a difficult concept to convey to children. When they earn money, either from an allowance or a gift, they often want to spend all of it on the newest toy or latest game.

    In Eric Russell’s “Squeakers Learns to Saves,” readers are confronted with the serious repercussions of neglecting to save a portion of what they earn. Establishing this fiscally responsible habit while children are young will ensure that they continue this habit as they enter adulthood and pursue careers.

    Eric Russell’s endearing story shows through the use of adorable animal characters the importance of saving money as well as donating a portion to charity. Squeakers is a cute little mouse who doesn’t understand the value of saving part of his sunflower seeds for later.

    He spends everything he earns on material possessions for his home, but after a fire destroys everything he has, he doesn’t have resources to rebuild his house. Squeakers is forced to seek help from a charity organization, and through the kindness shown to him by others, Squeakers learns to save a part of his money and also to give a part of it to charity so that others can be helped. Even after he moves back into his house, he continues to save one out of every ten sunflower seeds he receives, and he gives one out of every ten seeds back to the charity that helped him.

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