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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Perfect for the pre-school set, Eric Russell’s series of books helps young readers understand challenging situations in a fun and relatable way. Listen Gabby, Listen helps children improve their communication skills. Learning how to effectively communicate is such an essential skill in today’s over-connected world.

    Everyone seems to have something to say, but very few people know how to listen. Listen Gabby, Listen tackles this problem in an easy-to-understand way by using animal characters. Children, both at home or in the classroom, can explore these issues with a friendly face.

    Gabby the talkative goose is the star of Listen Gabby, Listen, as she helps children understand the importance of taking turns when talking to a friend and what happens when you don’t. Gabby and her family have just moved to the lake, but Gabby is having a hard time making friends because of her constant interrupting.

    Instead of being interested in what her friends have to say, Gabby insists on interrupting them to talk about herself. Her selfish ways drive the other animals away, and when she finally gets the courage to ask why no one likes her, she discovers that it is because of her talkativeness.

    Shelly the turtle explains that even though everyone wants to be friends with Gabby, they don’t like her self-centeredness. She realizes the damage that her selfishness has caused and quickly apologizes to her friends. She promises to do better about listening, instead of interrupting.

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