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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Maybe it was Your Smile is a delightful story by Eric Russell about a girl named Natalya who is new to the neighborhood. Like all of other Russell’s stories, this compelling picture book vividly chronicles the events of Natalya’s first day at her new school.

    Unfazed by a late school bus that had to take a detour, Natalya uses the opportunity to introduce herself to the other children at her bus stop and make new friends. When the late bus arrives, Natalya takes the time to introduce herself to Phil, the harried bus driver.

    Her smile, good manners and cheerfulness are taxed when a rude child comments on Natalya’s shoes. Caitlyn’s attempt to make “the new kid” uncomfortable are deflected with a good-natured response that would be the envy of adults!

    The plot and compelling characters of Maybe it was Your Smile are greatly embellished by the colorful drawings on each page of this attractive kids book.

    The story events continue with Natalya’s arrival at her new school and her poised self-introduction to her new teacher and classmates. Maybe it was Your Smile would make a wonderful gift to any child who is starting at a new school as “the new kid”. It is also an excellent story for second or third graders to read to themselves.

    As part of a primary classroom library Maybe it was Your Smile would make a great discussion starter for a talk on how it feels to be new to a school and how a lovely smile and good manners can change people’s outlook on you.

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