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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Foxy Fox ,the title character of this delightful children’s picture book, is proof that heroes are characters who respond to a need without regard for their own personal safety. On his way home from town, Foxy realizes that a careless camper has started a forest fire. Foxy Fox’s neighbors are in a panic.

    After ascertaining that his wife and kids are safe, Foxy races off to rescue rabbits trapped in their underground home.Foxy Fox uses his quick thinking skills to devise a rescue plan. Working together and each using their unique skills, the hawks spot the location and guide Foxy Fox to it.

    Knowing he does not have the skills to dig an escape route for the trapped rabbits, Foxy Fox seeks the aid of the moles whom he carries to the rescue site, aided by the keen-eyed hawks. The moles who can work in the dark are able to dig an escape route for the rabbits in spite of thick smoke which covers the area. Together, the animals help Foxy get the frightened rabbits to safety.

    Thanks to Foxy Fox’s quick thinking, the hawks air-lifted the rabbits to safety. When the animals congratulated Foxy Fox and proclaimed him a hero, he was quick to point out that the rescue was a joint effort. The children’s story of Foxy Fox’s rescue of the rabbits points out how working together as a team can be beneficial and simplify even the most difficult of all tasks. It is enhanced by delightful illustrations that focus children’s attention on the story.

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