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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Teaching kids the importance of healthy living and exercise is so important, but most young children have a difficult time understanding why they need regular exercise and why they should eat a healthy diet.

    Eric Russell’s Barry the Athlete can help both parents and teachers to instill these values in young children at a time in their lives when most habits are established. The patterns started in pre-school aged children, especially those between four and six years old, often set the tone for later behaviors.

    This book uses fun animal characters to help kids establish good habits now, before poor diet and exercise patterns emerge.This lovable tale follows the story of Barry the bear and Bobby the bobcat as they prepare for the long winter. They discuss how they both felt tired after last winter, and they wonder why Grizzly the bear had so much energy.

    They discover that during the winter, when many of the animals were sleeping, Grizzly kept himself fit and healthy by exercising daily and eating healthy foods. Barry and Bobby decide that they are going to exercise this winter to see if they feel better by spring.

    While Barry sticks to their plan to exercise and eat healthy foods, Bobby neglects his health. When spring arrives, Barry feels energized, but Bobby is sleepy. This story gives children practical information to help them make lifelong healthy choices.

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