• Lenny’s Road to Success children’s e-book (including Audio & Video book)

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    Written by Eric Russell

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    Book Description

    Lenny the Lion has a big problem: he is supposed to be the King of the Jungle in the circus act, but he is so shy that he cannot bring himself to perform his part in front of a crowd. He does just fine when no crowds are around to see him, but as soon as he knows there is an audience, Lenny freezes.

    It is only with the help of the lion trainer Lenny is able to learn to take his fear on one step at a time, and be patient, so that he is finally able to overcome his fear of the crowd and his shyness. Lenny is finally able to be the courageous King of the Jungle he is supposed to be under the big top.

    In this story by Eric Russell, “Lenny’s Road to Success,” children will learn an important lesson that nothing just happens overnight; that every achievement requires a process to go through. Lenny learns to be patient with himself, and see the changes happening gradually.

    Children often think things are impossible because they cannot succeed right away, but Lenny shows us the importance of watching for gradual improvement, and taking things one step at a time. This story will help children learn to try new things a little bit at a time, and then a little bit more, and then a little bit more, until finally they are able to do those new things without being afraid at all.

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