List of Top 15 Rated Books for 3 Year Old Toddlers

#1 Lion Who Has Never Given Up

The Lion Who Has Never Given Up is a story about a little Lion named Leo and his persistence to make his best roar. Kids will definitely love this book since it does not only tell a great story but also has a moral into it. Kids will enjoy reading the book or parents can also read it to them during bedtime.

This also comes with a free video book version. The book also comes with colorful and clear illustrations that make reading more fun for both kids and adults as well. The price is also very affordable for everyone to avail. In just a couple of dollars, one can already have this book.


#2 The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is a classic book that every child should know. The story follows the life cycle of a caterpillar as it eats its way through the week and ends up turning into a butterfly. The beautiful illustrations that accompany this book are what make it so special.

The book contains holes in the pages where the caterpillar has munched with different sized pages too which makes it more fun for the child. This is certainly one of the most read books for three year olds and is often studied in school too. So well worth familiarizing your child with it.


#3 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

One of the best books for 3 year olds as it is memorable and repetitive without being boring and has brilliant illustrations. The brown bear sees various animals who are all different colours.

The simple language means it’s great for encouraging early reading, especially as the repetition means the child can easily join in with the story. The rhythm makes it easy to read as the text flows brilliantly from one page to the next. This is a must have book for every young child.


#4 One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Dr Seuss has written a lot of the best books for 3 year olds but what I particularly like about this one is the content. It introduces colours, opposites and numbers in a rhyming book that is written especially to help children to read.

Children will soon be able to repeat the text from each page and show off early reading skills. These books may be thought to be old fashioned but they are as engaging for children today as they always have been. Moreover,  Dr Sesuss’s books  are great for parents to read as they can revisit the books they enjoyed when they were children.


#5 Little Rabbit Foo Foo

This naughty little rabbit will immediately catch your child’s attention as he or she listens to the story. However, parents need not despair as he gets his punishment by way of the good fairy who helps the other forest animals.

The moral of this book is a great one for kids and very easy for them to understand. The rhythm and rhyme make it a great book to read aloud to children and to try to encourage them to join in with.

It is the kind of book that doesn’t get boring even if children ask fir it to be read over and over again.


#6 Jamberry

This book may look a little odd as a bear who squirts berries tell poems to a young boy as they travel together.

It is a great way of introducing poetry to young children and if the fabulous rhymes don’t keep their attention the bright pictures surely will.

The pictures have great hidden items such as the waffle on the pond to truly get them looking deeply at the book.

The rhymes will even capture the attention of young babies so this is a brilliant book to grow up with. A must have for boys who love wheels of any kind.


#7 Cars and Trucks and Things That Go

This is one of my favorite kids books. Richard Scarry has written numerous great kids’ books and if you are familiar with any of them you will be able to guess which quirky and interesting vehicles the book contains.

The fun illustrations mean you can really stretch your child’s imagination by talking about each vehicle in depth. It is the ideal book for any little boy who loves wheels and cars.



#8 Harold and the Purple Crayon

This book is about a little boy who manages to draw himself an imaginary world where he can have great adventures.

With amazing artistic talent for his age, Harold skilfully draws everything in his imagination and then the drawings become real.

The illustrations are basic but easy for your child to identify with. The ideas and the storyline are very simple and therefore make the story appealing to young toddlers.

Just make sure that you put any purple crayons in your house away after reading so your child doesn’t try to copy Harold.


Bedtime Books for Three Year Olds

#9 Bear Snores On

This modern tale of the snoring bear allows your toddler to interact by pressing a button on the book to hear the snoring sound. This means that the book can keep their attention better than others as they can join in with it on every page.

The rhythmic text makes it great fun to read and the illustrations are interesting and engaging. It is so much fun to read that it might not be appropriate for bed time but a great way to show children how much fun books can be.


#10 Guess How Much I Love You

If you are looking for books for 3 year olds, particularly girls then this is an ideal story. The two hares in the story spend their timing telling each other how much they love each other.

It is a lovely way to show children how they can easily express their feelings, and how family and friends can be affectionate to each other using words. The pastel coloured illustrations reflect the calm and gentle atmosphere of the book and together they work wonderfully for a cuddly story time.


#11 Llama Llama Time to Share

Written and illustrated by Anna Dewdney, one of the books for three year olds that have gained popularity today is the Llama Llama Time To Share. The story is about Llama who had met new neighbors. One day, one of their neighbors, Nelly Gnu, dropped by for a playdate but Llama is hesitant to share his toys to Nelly Gnu.

After playing some time, Llama realized that Nelly has Llama’s favorite toy Little Fuzzy Llama! Suddenly, Llama began to cry when Little Fuzzy Llama was ripped into two by Nelly Gnu. Mama nevertheless fixes the broken toy.


#12 The Invisible String

Absolutely a bestselling work and one of the best books for three year olds, The Invisible String which is written by Patrice Karst and illustrated by Geoff Stevenson, is a heartwarming story of a young twin who wonders about the invisible string made of love that connects them as told by their mother.

This book is a very simple approach to help the children understand about the common tie that binds us with all our loved ones. The Invisible String is also an uncomplicated way of teaching children how to overcome fear of loneliness knowing that we are always connected to those we love.


#13 Sofia the First

One of the top baby books that are out today is Sofia the First penned by a famous writer Cathy Hapka and skillfully illustrated by Grace Lee. At first, Sophia’s life is rather ordinary until her mother, Miranda, got married to a king.

Everything suddenly changes from Sofia turning into a princess and moving into a new magnificent castle. She also has a new step-brother and a stepsister. Thanks to a magical amulet, Sofia was able to talk to her new animal friends. Because of all these unexpected happenings, everything now is extraordinary for Sofia the First.


#14 Pat the Bunny

Written by one of the best authors that pen the best books for preschoolers, Dorothy Kunhardt and illustrated by Golden Books, Pat the Bunny is a classic touch and feel book for babies for over six decades.

This edition specially features a couple of spreads that were not included in the original edition. The interactive features of the book such as the soft fur of the bunny, the scratchy beard of daddy, the die cut of the mother’s ring and other cute and interesting elements are really a perfect for babies.


#15 Dragons Love Tacos

A story told by an award-winning team writing books for children, Dragons Love Tacos is an unforgettable tale of dragons that love to eat all kinds of tacos such as teeny tiny tacos, chicken tacos, big tacos and beef tacos.

The book comically suggests that if one wants to invite a bunch of dragons into a party, one should definitely prepare loads and loads of tacos. But since tacos are best served with salsa, hot salsa especially, a dragon which may accidentally eat this spicy sauce, everybody would be in great trouble.


Truly, the world of children is filled with so much wonder. However, this world cannot be often understood by children because of their puerile understanding. One great way to help this children understand this world and at the same time sow the seeds of good values to them is through reading them books for 3 year olds. This way, children will not only have sweet dreams but grow as better people as well..