List of Top 6 Rated Books for 10 Year Old Kids

There are many books for 10 year olds that are on sale in your local bookstore today. However, with the bulk of these reading materials, how will you select the best books for 10 year old girls and boys that can make their reading experience fun and exciting? Below are listed some great children books that you just must get to your little ones.

#1 The Mark of Athena

Told by a master storyteller of best books for 10 year olds, Rick Riordan, the Mark of Athena is the third installment in the amazing Heroes of Olympus series.

In the previous book, the main characters Hazel, Frank and Percy met in camp and traveled far to the land of the gods.

In this present installment, the primary characters team up with other personas Piper, Leo and Jason to defeat the giants made free by Gaea, the Earth Mother.

After battling with the giants, the team will continue to find the Door of Death. Where is the Door of Death? Nobody knows.

#2 The Son of Neptune

Before The Mark of Athena, the second book in the Heroes of Olympus is the Son of Neptune.

Written by a great writer of books for ten year olds, Rick Riordan, this installment introduces the three demigods Hazel, Percy and Frank.

If Percy is confused about where he is now after waking from a long sleep, Hazel is now facing the consequences of her past mistake and endangering the future of the world.

While Frank is still hoping that the sun god Apollo would claim him as his son after her grandmother told him that he descended from ancient gods.

#3 Percy Jackson and the Olympians

For the very first time, all the five books of Percy Jackson and Olympus series are now available in Paperback.

Rick Riordan, author of bestselling best books for kids, chronicles the thrilling adventures of Percy as he meets the ancient Greek gods and combats with the grueling monsters of ancient worlds.

This priced collection is a perfect gift for both young and old that is crazy fanatics of Percy Jackson and those who want to read the saga over and over again. Moreover, the five books are boxed for compact and complete availability.

#4 Happy Birthday to You!

Even though Dr. Seuss wrote Happy Birthday To You more 50 years ago, this book still sweeps the readers into appreciating their individuality.

Many young readers love these types of kids story books because of their festive mood and lighthearted story plot.

Happy Birthday to You takes the celebrator into a splendid surprise party that lasts from day until the night.

However, the mess that the party leaves can last up to 20 days of cleaning and feting. What a really fun party not only for the celebrator but also to the other readers.

#5 The Lost Hero

Rick Riordan, popular kids books author begins the series of Heroes of Olympus with his first book The Lost Hero.

The exciting saga begins when Jason wonders how he, his girlfriend Piper and his best friend Leo end up in a Camp Half-blood after waking up in a school bus.

Piper’s father was missing for three days already and still no new about him. One thing for sure, her father is facing a terrible danger.

However, Leo finds the camp much better than the school where they study, Wilderness School. But he wonders why everyone talks about a curse and claims that they are gods.

#6 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

The first installment of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is one of the bestselling books for 10 year old boys and girls.

In the beginning Harry’s adventure, he does not know that he is actually a wizard like his parents were. However, everything changes when Harry entered the school for wizards and begins to discover his famous birthright.

He discovered this inheritance when Harry was kindly treated by the giant and fascinated by the extraordinary and magical curriculum and faculty of the school. Considered as one of the bestselling series of all time, Harry Potter embarks the readers into the thrilling adventures of Harry.

With all the books that are out in the market today, oftentimes it is confusing which ones fits the mindset and interest of young children. But one should not fret anymore because the books above are definitely great in making your children’s thrilling and exciting. These popular and bestselling books for children are what you should pay money for.